perjantai 22. elokuuta 2014



I've had an amazing week so far!
 - School has been okay, I've started studying for my final exams and I'm doing pretty good at sticking to my reading schedule, so I'm proud of myself. 

- Our dance lessons started at Tanssiopisto. This year I'm dancing Jazz (jatko 2) and Street (jatko3) and I already fell in love with the choreographies we're doing. My muscles have been in pain ever since Monday's Jazz class, haha I love it, though it really truly is painful! #crossroads 

- Urban Light started at church!! I was so happy going there yesterday and seeing all the familiar faces and the joy shining through many of them! It definitely is home.

- I've actually read the Bible every single morning since school started. I used to struggle with that, because..well, waking up is hard. Now, if I want to have a quiet time in the morning to read the Bible and pray and write things down- I have to wake up at least 30min. earlier than I'd have to. But it's sooooooo worth it!! It's just so encouraging and it fills me up! Like when you wake up in the morning with a really dry throat and you would reeaaaaallly like to have a glass of orange juice or something. That's the same with this. The Bible is my orange juice.

- umm, what's up with my hair?!

- I feel like a very strong person these days. I'm actually getting really confident, though I'm still in the middle of a process I won't tell you about. heh. Let's just say our God is amazing and He works in such beautiful special ways.
  It's love, He is love.

- hah, got it into a bun! My hair is listening to me!...finally.

- I've had many really good conversations with people this week. It's really encouraging and constructive. I love all the different kinds of people in my life and getting to know them all better, in a deeper way. Three people work in a friendship. Me, my friend and God. It's teamwork to gain a special relationship with someone. It's an adventure, slow or fast. We're all family in the end. Sisters and brothers in Christ. Such an awesome thought! And lately I've definitely been feeling it! love all the way<3 
I think my sentences don't always make much sense? But that's alright, It's not the end of the world.
..yet. muhahhaha!

- Only my sister Emilia will understand this picture. Sarcastic smile and laugh. ghehehe emiliaaaa:DDD

- I did feel really sick this morning for...Lady reasons I'll I didn't go to school. But now I feel good and ready to live again! I need to clean my room, study and make dinner. I also have a meeting today. And Steissi at 7pm tonight! <3333

- Anyway, have a great weekend!! I need to think of an idea for my next post! If you have any, please tell me!

-Kat <3

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  1. Vaikken enkkua melkein juurikaan kunnolla ymmärrä, mutta onneks sun kuvat kertoo sitte sun fiilinkejä :D Oot ihan huikeee <3 -Aida

    1. täähän on sit hyvää enkun harjoitusta tä mun blogin lukeminen;) teen toki suomi- enkku postauksia vielä, mut koska suurin osa kuitenki ymmärtää enkkuu :D mut hyvä et kuvien kautta välittyy! Ikävä sua ja pitäis nähä jossaki!!<3 kiitos samoin :-*