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As you can probably see, Milla and I had an amazing time in the Netherlands! We visited Amsterdam and another city (I kinda know the name of it, but I have absolutely no idea how it's written, sorry :D). 
Mainly we were in Hengelo. It's a town an hour away from the border. 
I fell in love with this country! Even though we were there for only 4 full days, each day was very special and made us love everything even more. The houses were adorable, the people we met were awesome, everything is so much cheaper than in Finland, the architecture is so nice and ah, there are just so many things that please the eye. 

We played a lot of soccer, had two barbecues, went shopping, visited Anne Frank's house, walked through the Red Light- district (it was a very pausing experience), ate at McDonald's, rode bikes, went to the beach, went sightseeing, talked a lot (we had a lot of really good conversations), watched movies, played video games (I suck at them) aaaand we met all of our friends' families (Joël's, Rob's, Bob's and Jorrit's). Jorrit wasn't home while Milla and I were there, which sucked, but we'll see him again someday! So mainly it was me, Milla, Joël, Bob and Rob, their families and friends. And It was the best!! Their families are awesome! All very nice and loving people with bright smiles and good spirit. We felt like it was a home instantly. It's interesting how much these pictures tell about our trip, so it leaves me partly without words in this writing section.

I just gotta say I loved the experience, I love my friends- getting to know them even better enjoying them even more, just spending time together. Normally we only see each other for a week, once every year, so this was really special and it meant a lot. Can't wait to see you all again!<3 I'm very thankful and happy and I got so many great memories to cherish. hehe. I still have a million pictures, so I'll probably have a "throwback" post later on this year in which I'll share the rest. 
My next post will be about Teenstreet, so keep your eyes open and wait patiently! I have a lot of amazing stuff to share with you all!<3

Make this day amazing for yourself, don't stress too much, enjoy the people around you, trust God and just try your best to make your inside and surroundings affect you positively.


p.s. "once upon a time, je moeder vond het fijn"

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