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Teenstreet 2014

So, it's been exactly one week since Teenstreet and about time I told you all about my experience there this year. 
First of all TS is awesome every time, God is always working there in amazing ways of His own. This year He did a lot in me and through me and I'm forever thankful for that. 

So, the theme this year was "OPEN". I really thought it was perfect for this year. Many of my friends had been struggling this year with being open to God and people around them, some had struggled with "opening their eyes to see the way God sees things" (the way God sees you and how you should see yourself, how God sees the world around you and how you should see it, a new perspective on things...etc.). Others had struggles with "opening their ears to hear God and what the Spirit was saying and just all of this was somehow related to this year's theme and it touched a lot of people around me. Me included. 

Anyway, about my experience..
This first day was a hard one for me. I had a battle going on inside of me, the enemy was attacking my thoughts and I was trying my best to fight back, but I just didn't feel free, or genuinely happy. I just felt burdened, stressed, a lot of anxiety and just really uncomfortable. I was believing the enemy's lies, even though I perfectly knew I shouldn't. It's just really hard to fight back when you are vulnerable. But then during the first Throne Room (evening worship session) God touched me deeply and I felt peace and freedom inside of me. 
The next day was amazing and I was having the best time of my life! We went to the city, if I remember correctly and just had a really good time with our friends and I didn't have any problems to think about. That night at Throne Room I went to be prayed for and I suddenly had the need to dance. To worship God through dance. He's my Dad and He loves to see me dance and I love to dance and worship Him. It feels amazing. The last time I was able to worship though dance was almost a year ago at the HOPE conference in Turku, so when I started dancing in Throne Room, in the middle aisle, it was unbelievable. I just felt God's presence strongly inside of me and in every move I made. It felt SO GOOD. It's really hard to explain what it really felt like..but I definitely danced my lungs out. My body was in some sort of Heaven at that moment. Ah, it makes me smile when I think about it. 
After I had danced for like 15min. that evening, a girl came out of the audience and told me God had touched her through my dance. I had only been there for 15 freakin' minutes!! I was so surprised how quickly God did something through me in another person's life. "Just yesterday I had many struggles of my own and then tonight I was doing this? wow, I gotta say God is surprising!
The next evening I danced again and while I was dancing, many other people started to dance as well and it started getting a bit crowded, so the security staff had to tell us to stop...they didn't really want us to stop, but because it was a safety matter now, they had to do something. So I asked if I could stay afterwards to dance and at first they didn't seem to light up to that idea, but then they said I could do that and I was so happy! After that I danced after Throne Room every evening, when there weren't that many people around. Milla came to dance with me a few times too.
During the week many people came to tell me God had touched them through my dancing, He had encouraged some of them to dance as well, inspired some and just touched people in different ways. It was so unbelievable to hear how God had used me!!!!!! I felt so blessed and loved and often I was quite speechless when these people came to talk to me. There were so many of them, that I lost count. I truly did.
Oh I almost forgot, I shared my TS- experience at Belgium's country- meeting, so that was really exciting for me :)

So many people prayed for me at Teenstreet too! Many people I didn't even know, and they all said something that described what I was going through perfectly. God just spoke to me in so many different ways that week and I just felt He was so close to me!! I just fell in love with Him even more!<3 So much prayer happened during Throne Room this year, I prayed for many people, many prayed for me, we prayed in groups and alone and it was just amazing and the connection with all these people was so nice! It felt different. At least for me.

I don't know what to say anymore. So many things happened and now that I start thinking about it all again, I get excited and lose my thoughts, haha.
I'm just really thankful to have the chance to go to Teenstreet every year. I already gave a shoutout to my dutch friends on Facebook, but I'll do it here too! I love you guys, you're so special to me! Thanks for the week in Hengelo and all the good conversations we've had. Thanks for who you are individually and God bless you this year<3 And to all the Finnish people: "Ootte ihania jokainen! Jyväskyläläiset tykkään teistä ihan sikana ja tänä kesänä oli niin huippua viettää aikaa monen teijän kanssa normaalia enemmän ja en tuu ikinä kyllästymään teihin! Muut suomalaiset ootte rakkaita ja musta oli ihanaa tutustua teihin entistäki paremmin tänä vuonna! Kaikki uudetki tuttavuudet ootte tosi ihania ja toivottavasti nähään jopa ennen ens kesän ts:ää! Ja kaikki jos tuutte HOPE:een ni siellä todellakin nähään!! Ja hei Suomi, meijän pitää järkätä jonkunlainen miitti! Joku viikonloppu jossakin ois hurjan maukas! Et pistäkääs mietintään! Voisin jaaritella lisää, mut nyt vaihdan kieltä, koska tehän enkkua osaatte, kun ollaan nii sivistetty kansa;)." And all you other people from these other countries I think you're awesome and I love talking to you and learning new things about you and your cultures! I hope I'll see you next year and if you ever come to Finland, please tell me! God bless you!

I'm so lost in what I'm writing that there will be no sense in any of this the farther I write. So maybe I'll stop now? Oh wait! We missed our flight back to Finland due to some timing and organizing issues, and so we headed back to Finland with the other Finnish people going by bus. So we got a spontaneous road- trip to end our summer. We went through Denmark to Sweden and from there by ship to Finland. We were home around 2am Monday morning. If we had gone by plane we would've been home around noon on Saturday. But I know for sure that God had planned this for us, because the roadtrip was so much fun and it was soo nice to be able to hang out with all the Finnish people! I love them all<3

  If I think of something else to tell you, I'll be posting that later. There will be no Finnish translation, because you Finnish people are smart. If you really truly need a translation, just tell me and I'll work it out:)












I am so blessed to have a life like this. 

Aaaand This year is going to be amazing. I have so many good friends to spend time with, and skype with;), my church is the best, I teach 2 dance classes this year and I'll be doing a lot of photography as well. I'll be going to some conferences and just doing my best at enjoying life- paying attention to the good things and praying for the not so good things to get better. I don't want to live in the Finnish stereotype of depression. Though the days and nights will be getting darker soon, it doesn't mean I have to be the same.
 I don't have much school now, but I still have to study a lot for my final exams...but I'm leaving all of that in God's hands so that I won't stress too much or feel anxious about anything, but confidently do my best.
Well I could talk forever... but I'll spare you from that, haha.

CHECK THIS OUT!  Outbreakband – Louder Than Before

God bless! :)

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