perjantai 12. syyskuuta 2014

Mon- Fri

Monday:  We had our listening comprehension test for our English finals. It went pretty well, some annoying exercises, but besides that I felt good afterwards. I went to Leo's apartment to study for my health finals. We talked and studied and then he went back to school and I stayed at his apartment. Immediately after he left, I started cleaning his apartment. I washed all his dirty dishes, organized his "living quarters" and wrote him a message. I just wrote down all the truths about him. What God and the people around him think about him and who he is. Because Leo is awesome and he totally deserves that! :) jee Leo oot huippu! I studied for an other hour or so, and then I went back to school. Then I went home I think?
No! We went to play billiard! Me, Leo, Nelli and Emilia. I suck at the game, but I still enjoy it a lot. We were there for a few hours and then Emi went home, Leo back to his apartment and Nelli and I headed for dance, where we met up with Milla and Emppu.
After dancing we went home, and if I remember correctly we went to Mikko's house next to watch the movie/documentary Furious Love. It was so good! After watching that we talked for a while and then, home.

Tuesday: Slept late, went for a 2 hour bike ride with my camera. Got lost. Lost for like 45 my own city heheh. All the pictures from below are from that.
I actually really enjoyed being lost. It was a real adventure. I had no idea where I was going. I could've easily gone back the same way I came, but I decided to make things a bit more interesting for me, and kept I went to places in our city I've never been in before. Or at least they didn't seem familiar in any way. It was really cool. I bumped into a random bakery and bought a loaf of bread for my family. 5- 10 minutes later I knew where I was and found my way back home. Then I studied a bit and went to dance with Emppu, Nelli and Milla. After that we went home and there we met up with Ullis and Valtteri. We hopped into the car, picked Leo up and headed for McDonald's. Then Ullis left and Valtteri, Leo, Nelli and I went to play billiard again:D 2nd time this week! haha.

Wednesday: Normal day at school, lots of studying...
I went home after school, studied some more, ate and went to our dance school to teach dance for a few hours. Then Milla and I stayed to dance for an hour or so. We're working on a choreography we'll be performing at school next month. Exciting. Then we ended up staying for a while longer. We talked and got stuff off of our minds, cried, laughed and just spent a bit of quality time together. It felt so good<3 Oot rakas Milla! I ame home late and went straight to bed..i think? hehe.

Thursday: A nice day at school, lots of studying again, eating lunch with my friend Ida, quickly going home after school, then making tortillas and studying at Leo's, small group meeting at church, Urban Light (same place) which was GREAT this week! Pete's sermon was awesome and it really was a very current subject he was talking about. Loved it and laughed a lot. Love my church. Afterwards a few friends and I went to Ahjon Grilli to hang out and eat extremely salty food. Lots of funny situations over there...Ullis dropped me off at church and I rode my bike home. I was home around 00.30. Oops!

Friday: After like 5 hours of sleep, I woke up, ate breakfast, got dressed, went to walk a 4km marathon hosted by my school, with my friends Maria and Miriam. it was actually really nice. We talked a lot and listened to music together. We've been friends for over 11 years and in the same schools for the same amount of time. I'm so blessed to have friends like these two. Ootte tytöt ihania!<3 After the marathon I came home and here I am.

Friday continues... I just stopped studying. I made a few mind-maps while studying for my health exam (which is on Monday), ate an ice cream and now I'm supposed to clean my room and one of the bathrooms, maybe make dinner and then go to church to be interviewed about some stuff in my life. A very busy day. But I studied a lot now so that later this evening I can hang out with my friends and do awesome stuff together. yey!


That's that. (More pictures HERE)


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  1. Mulla on maanantaina uskonnon kirjotukset ja jännittää ihan liikaa D:
    Onnee tt:n kirjotuksiin! Meidän koulusta aika moni kirjottaa sen nyt syksyllä.