keskiviikko 15. lokakuuta 2014


We visited our grandparent's house for a few days and it was really relaxing just to sleep well, lay around, do some yard work, cray around with Nelli, take pictures and videos, eat extremely well (I love food.) and just enjoy the slow kind of life, because my life in Jyväskylä is busy. But that's my fault and it really doesn't matter. muah!

We came back home yesterday evening and after chilling at home for a while, our friends, Nelli and I met up and hung out the rest of the night and had a really great time. Youtube makes life interesting I gotta say.

I'm trying to post a bit more frequently! But now this post will be short like this, because my sisters, Emppu, Latsu and I are going to some thrift shops to look around and shop;)

Have a really good and blessed day!<3


lauantai 11. lokakuuta 2014

This is the good life.

I'm sorry I haven't been posting as frequently as I used to. I've been really busy and haven't had time to just sit down, think and write things down. But now, here I am writing this, so all is good.

So many good things have been going on lately.

First of all I was in Turku at a christian conference called HOPE a few weeks ago (some of you might remember this same conference from last year, but do you remember what God did to me there? hehe.) and God did some awesome things yet again.
   I had a lot of feelings bottled up inside as I came to Turku and I kind of broke down after the first 15 minutes of being there. Maybe some sort of brief anxiety attack? But thankgod I had loving friends around me and after being prayed for by Milla during the first session of the conference, I felt great and free inside.
   God kind of confirmed to me that I will be going to Africa at some point in my life. Most likely a little over a year from now if it works out with His plan for me;) So happy about that!
During HOPE I felt God's presence really strongly and so much love poured down on me and I could just dance in His embrace and I actually really truly just danced with Him all throughout the conference.
   God told me a lot of things about myself I had never thought of. I'm starting to see myself more and more through God's eyes and it feels really amazing. He gave me a better perspective on who I am in myself and who I am in Him. Our relationship is just growing. Although I've had some dry stages in our relationship before and after HOPE. But they've only been dry from my behalf. I'm getting there. My heart could've just bursted with all the things I received from God that weekend. Makes me smile just thinking about it.
   I can't wait to just touch the lives of people in need. People from other countries, from my country, my city, my school, on the street- anywhere! Show them who God is and what He thinks about them by the way I treat them, speak to them, listen to them and behave around them.
   I'm so ready to continue this life- long adventure with our heavenly Father!! So ready, so thirsty for more and so curious about everything He has in store for me! Exciting.
   I'm really impatient to see all the things God will be doing this year! Because HE WILL BE DOING things. For sure. Things in my city, my school, my church, Finland, Europe, America- eeeeeeeverywheeeere (as my friend Bob would say). This year shall be a wake up call. Let's be a part of that and just pour God's love all over, everywhere.

So, that was HOPE. I love God, my church and my friends!<3 SO MUCH!!!!!

For the past few weeks I've been doing all kinds of things.

- I've been going through all kinds of feelings. I've been hanging out a lot with one of my closest friends, Leo. He's been such a great support for me, Leo oot mahti! I've been housesitting his apartment for this week and it's given me a chance to spend quality time with myself, pay attention to my school work, spend proper quiet time with God, eat junk food, have a sleepover with my little sister and just all kind of things. I've been able to live in a healthy little bubble. But now he's coming back from his little road trip, so I go back to living a normal life. haha. 

- I've gotten rid of almost all the things that have been giving me anxiety and I feel like a bird flying freely in the sky with all its' bird friends and just acting like no care in the world could stop me. 

- I've been falling in love with my church family even more and getting to know people individually in a deeper way. I love to see our family grow and this autumn there are even more people attending our Thursday services than ever before. God is definitely doing something in our city! Thursday is still my favorite day of the week! And it's been my favorite day since I started attending Urban Light (Thursday's service). Oh and I'm hosting next week, so be sure to come even though it's during the holiday! See you there;)<3

- Oh and yes, we're on holiday now. For a week. And it came at the best time possible, seriously! I have time to relax, spend time with friends, read a lot of books and just do so many things that have absolutely nothing to do with school. ah!


Any blog post ideas?

- Kat<3