keskiviikko 15. lokakuuta 2014


We visited our grandparent's house for a few days and it was really relaxing just to sleep well, lay around, do some yard work, cray around with Nelli, take pictures and videos, eat extremely well (I love food.) and just enjoy the slow kind of life, because my life in Jyväskylä is busy. But that's my fault and it really doesn't matter. muah!

We came back home yesterday evening and after chilling at home for a while, our friends, Nelli and I met up and hung out the rest of the night and had a really great time. Youtube makes life interesting I gotta say.

I'm trying to post a bit more frequently! But now this post will be short like this, because my sisters, Emppu, Latsu and I are going to some thrift shops to look around and shop;)

Have a really good and blessed day!<3


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