sunnuntai 4. tammikuuta 2015

Netherlands' invasion

(I wrote this on Thursday, but it took a while for the pictures to upload.)

Netherlands' Invasion

I'm sitting on my bed listening to Casting Crown's The Acoustic Sessions- album and feeling quite sad. Today we had to say goodbye to Bob and Rob. They came last Saturday and left today, so we've been able to have quality time with these two for the past 6 days. Milla just sent me a text saying how their house feels so empty without me and the boys there and I feel quite empty myself. I mean 6 days goes pretty fast when you're enjoying yourselves. I had an amazing time and the connection we have with these people is so special. Precious people.

I cried so much at TeenStreet this summer when we had to say goodbye to each other, but this time I didn't cry at the airport when we hugged our dutchies goodbye. I cried at home and a bit in the car as well when I realized they were actually gone. We won't be seeing them until most likely next April. Okay that's 4 months away and I think we can make it, but still. I'd rather see these people every day. On the other hand I'd rather not...because every time we see each other and get to spend time together it feels even more special because we don't see each other daily. But yes, it would be cool to live in the same country. You never know, maybe that will happen some day. I mean we love each other's countries. Hehe, at least I do.

Anyway Bob and Rob, we miss you guys already! It was awesome to have you here and we hope to see you on the surface of our country again some day. Skype and Whatsapp will keep us connected, so we won't die. But of course, I'd rather talk with you face to face. Thankyou for coming and God bless you <3

We did a lot of fun things these past days and you'll find out exactly what those things were by checking out the following pictures:

I feel so blessed. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

(I'll post some more pictures later)

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