tiistai 3. helmikuuta 2015



I have so many dreams. I have so many things I want to do. So many places I want to go. I want to travel, take pictures, write, meet new people, help people, make them smile, go abroad, be abroad, stay abroad, do something I will love to do every single day- for the rest of my life, sing, worship, have a coffee, sit on the beach, listen to music, hike, go on a road trip, snorkel, swim with a dolphin, ride an elephant, high five a monkey, visit a jungle, go to Africa (YWAM Discipleship Training School), visit so many different churches I'll lose count, dance, reach out to youth, have good conversations with old people, get married, have adventures with my husband, start a family- get children, love each day, smile each day, cry sometimes, experience new cultures, give my children unique experiences, live.love.laugh.- And do all of this with Jesus. Oh Amen honey!<3

What are your dreams? Write them down.
Then, give them to God.

Hahah, sometimes I have these moments. I have to get these things out of my system or I'll never be able to sit still and study.
Have a good night and don't forget to dream and stick to your dreams! Unless God gives you new ones;)

- Kata<3

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