sunnuntai 26. huhtikuuta 2015

updates on me


Hey everyone. It's been a while, I know...and I'm sorry about that. But on the other hand I'm not. So many great things have been happening in my life during these past months so I really haven't been able to focus on writing my blog even though I really had it on my mind oh so many times. I also don't want to write if I really don't have much to share. Yes, I used to do that and I know many of you enjoyed reading all the detailed texts about my life and what I did each day, but these past posts I've made haven't really been like that. Today I'll be sure to tell you though what's been going on in my life recently. So I'll satisfy your needs in that area hehe. At least I'll try my best. Here goes:

How to start?..

Okay, so my final exams are behind me. English, Religion, Math and Finnish. (and Health, last fall). March was a very hard month for me. I had a lot of stress and had to balance tough relationships and everything with all the studying. I had people in my life that really hurt me and gave me a hard time. And having to deal with that was very difficult and time/ thought consuming for me. My friends know that for sure. I received a lot of comfort, wisdom, help and prayer from awesome people I'm happy and thankful to have in my life. Without them I have no idea how I would've dealt with it all. But the biggest help of all was God. Without him I would be such a wreck. When the world around you feels like it has betrayed you, all you have is God. For me at least. It felt like it was just me and Him going through each day. One at a time. Through good times and bad. Because of God, that smile never really faded from my face. At least never when I was among these people I had a tough and uncomfortable relationship with. I definitely learned to "fight" hate with love. Yes, I shed a lot of tears and struggled within myself and asked God a lot of questions. But he gave me the peace I needed. Yes I still feel uncomfortable when I think about these people and how they treat/treated me. Yet I pray for them every day and truly want the best for them. I really want them to get to know Jesus. My heart cries out for them. Well, for a lot of people too. Everyone needs to get to know Jesus hahah. duhh! Anyway back to what I was saying- 
So with God's help and prioritizing my life in a good way I was able to balance everything. The good and the bad. I was able to balance God- time, church, studying, friends and fun. I passed math(!!) And that I feel, was a miracle. I cried probably every time I studied for that exam because it was so hard and math has been my weak spot since elementary school. So after the exam, my teacher graded it and she sent me a message and was quite happy to tell me the amount of points I got. It wasn't even a close call. I really passed better than expected. No, I didn't get an amazing grade if others looked at it. But for me, it's over the top! Thank you God. I am a living example of how,- when you put God first and place all your trust in him, keep your priorities straight and all you will make it. Every day I told myself that, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me:" (Philippians 4:13) I really reminded myself of that every day. Really, I did,- no joke.

Anywaaay. I survived. All the exams are behind me. No turning back. I started this 4- month holiday and so far I'm loving it!! 
Milla and I went to the Netherlands again to see our lovely friends that are oh, so dear to us. It was awesome to be able to see each and every one of them again. Everyone from our whatsapp- group came to see us (!!). That meant a lot. Bob, Rob, Jorrit, Frank, Gerhard, Joël. We love you guys:) 
We had a lot of fun. Most of the time we were in Groningen, but we also went to Amsterdam for a day. While we were there, we went to the Hillsong church and it was awesome! Good songs and a really good message about David, his relationship with God, God, our relationship with God, confidence in God and...okay maybe I'll just share the notes I made there with you:

Hillsong church Amsterdam:

- God has chosen you so you qualify
- We're with God (confidence in that)
- David wasn't interested in what was good for him, but what was good for God. Living for God's plan.
- 2.Samuel 7 (verse 26 especially)
- Our focus is on ourselves- David's focus was on God.
- Galatians 5:13
- 2. Corinthians 1:20
- Ephesians 1:13
- Mathew 3:16
- You can't, God can.

Bob's Summary:

"David had no selfish thinking at all, everything was for the greatness of God and that was the reason God blessed him that much, he actually built David's home because David wanted to make God a home."

I hope you'll get the idea from the above:) The message was great timing for me. It really spoke to me and touched me. It brought me to think about a lot of stuff in my life and what God's plans are for me. I felt weak and scared, but it does say in the Bible how the weak will be made strong in God. So that's my lifeline.... and well the same verse I mentioned earlier from Philippians as well. haha
One of the best parts of the whole visit was the last evening, when we were on the balcony of Rob's, Bob's and Lonneke's apartment at night and had a deep conversation finished off by prayer. Moments like that with people like these are precious. God has definitely brought us all together. I would've wished for all our friends to have been able to be a part of that moment, but hey, Teenstreet is coming up! Germany is calling at the end of July! I'll share more about the Netherlands when I post some pictures to do with that, later. Life is good.

Now it's been almost two weeks I think since we were there. I've been working with the advertisements for our dance school's spring performance, I got my drivers license, I've been doing a lot at church, spent a lot of time with God, hung out with friends like daily, taken a lot of pictures, been singing for old people with friends from church and oh, so much more. I'm so grateful for everything. So thankful for God and all the things he has brought into my life. I graduate at the end of next month, Milla turns 18, I'll be a photographer at a wedding, I'll be all around everywhere doing all kinds of things. And I'm so ready for everything God has in store for me for the next months! And beyond that!

The Old Testament is so cool. I love it! I've recently read about Noah and Abram (soon to be Abraham) and I admire the faith they had. How strong it was and unconditional! Abram for example took everything God said to him and promised for him to heart. And God was pleased with his faith and blessed him in so many ways. I want to have faith like they had. Abram also built altars wherever he went and praised and honored God after building each one. We, (even though we don't build altars) should definitely remember to thank God, to praise and honor him every day and after all the good things and experiences he brings into our lives. Each day is a gift from him, so we really should praise him for that on a daily basis. At least I want to. Because without him, there would be no me. I'd like to encourage you to read the Old Testament with an open mind and try to see yourself in it, but also compare yourself with the men and women of God in it and see things, such as the great faith they had and how we should want that as well. The more we pursue God and read his word, the more all we need to know about him will sink in even deeper and become clearer as well for us. God's word definitely does change us. It just does.

I've been listening to a lot of music lately and if you're curious about the newest favorites of mine on spotify, click here. Good job! Now, enjoy. I love finding new songs. Without music this world would be an even harder place to be in. Agreed.

Last night I was driving around our city, listening to music and talking to God. That was awesome! You should try it,..with a license of course. hehe.
Oh and I actually did that today as well! And I ended up finding a beautiful place in our city with a small lake and trees and everything. It was a peaceful sight. So I'm going back there tomorrow with a better camera and with people to pose for me. I am inspired.
I'll just post a picture, well a sneakpeek down below.


I don't know what else I should say. I'm just super happy right now. God is blessing me and molding me all the time. I can't imagine life without Him. I have all I need.

Have a good night! God bless. <3