keskiviikko 13. toukokuuta 2015

Lecrae "Rejecting or Reflecting the Glory of God"

THIS IS SO ENCOURAGING!! It makes my flame of faith burn even more!

hehee please listen to the whole thing! It's just 27 minutes out of your day:)


tiistai 12. toukokuuta 2015

What is God- time?

(good time)

Sometimes it feels hard to just open the Bible and read. When that happens, do you feel like God is disappointed in you? And that you're letting yourself down? And then you end up thinking about yourself in a negative way? And end up crying like a psychopath in the corner of your room? (hahaha okay maybe it doesn't go that extreme for any of you. Just trying to get this thing moving friends.)

Sometimes, or even most of the time for some, do you feel like you're not putting God first in your life? Not setting aside a time each day to spend time with God and only Him? Not prioritizing things correctly? And so on...?

Sometimes, do you feel like you'd rather just read the Bible all day everyday and not do anything else? Do you feel like that's enough for you? Or you have to do it like that? Do you feel like it's okay to just read the Bible and that's enough? No church, no fellowship?

Well let me tell you precious, "All time can be God time. Should* be God- time, and throughout that it should be a good time, or become* a good time."

These days, for us Christians there's this stereotype of what God- time should look like? Or what it should be? (same thing hahah).

 Of course God rejoices when we open the Bible and read His word, get to know him better and let him speak truth into our lives. I for one, can say I've learned a lot from/ about God as I've read the Bible. I've changed as a person and I've had God speak to me about so many different things. It's amazing. Yes, it's good and spiritually healthy for us to spend that intimate time with God, to read his word and focus on him. But if you feel like it's impossible for you, there are so many other ways. Baby steps for some, giant leaps for another.

I've had days when I definitely haven't felt like opening the Bible and reading it. I see my Bible on my nightstand every time I go to bed and oh, so many times I've looked at it and wondered why I just can't bring myself to read it. Sometimes it's just pure laziness, sometimes it's just me feeling a bit disconnected from God (on my behalf of course) and not interested enough to read His word at that moment and sometimes it really feels like the Devil is coming in between you and reading God's word.
This year I've found it so much easier to open up the Bible and just read. There was a time before that, when I struggled so much with just even opening up the Bible. Yes, I still have days when I forget to read, or am too busy to find time to read, but oh every time I do read, it's amazing!!! But remember, the best way to start reading the Bible, is to pray before you start. And ask God to speak to you and help you understand. Not everyone has a Bible you know, so it's kind of a huge blessing to be able to have God's word in our hands and get to study it and melt into it and pursue on living it as well. I feel quite thankful about that.

But, God speaks in more ways than one, so the people out there without Bibles,- God is in control. He has them in his hands, just as he has us in his hands as well.
Reading the Bible with a "thirst" for God is the best way to read. For me at least.

But it doesn't mean that reading the Bible is the only way to be with God. We can run to our father in any way we feel is best. But remember that all the information we need is in the Bible. Even if we might receive that same information in a different way, like through another person, a dream, a feeling, a thought, a picture, a video..., anything. It's still all in the Bible. It is God's word.

Just to put this thought out there as well: God is so cool! He's like the only King I know of that has time for every single one who believes in Him, but not just them- He also has time for all the people that don't believe in Him. We're all at the same level in His eyes and he loves each and everyone of us equally. It's so awesome!! He truly is like no other. No weaknesses, just love and great actions. Oh and so much more of course! (I'm not just going to make a list of all I can think of right now haha!) He will always be the Father who is constantly ready to run to you when you come home from any life- situation you're in. Best Daddy, best King, best everything! (haa, what a rhyme that was, eh!)

Reading God's word is extremely good!! It will change you the more you read it for sure. In a good way. The truth will shine through you when you pursue to live like Jesus and like the Bible guides you to. Always remember you are not forced to do anything. God gave us the choice to decide freely. It's just up to us if we want to make decisions God smiles upon, or ones He doesn't agree with. It is very good for us to always come back to the truth. This world throws bucket load after bucket load, heaps and heaps of different information about everything and anything you can think of. Every day. Every freaking day. 365 days a year. Most of us tend to believe everything we hear, see and read. Thanks to the social media we can't escape. (smell the sarcasm) Anyway it is good and healthy (as I said earlier) to always find a way to come back to the truth. Push "refresh" in our brains and have God's words sink into our minds and hearts once again. The more we refresh the better of course. Famous professors say a lot, but it doesn't mean they are right. They are only human and if they knew everything and always spoke the truth and all, that would make them all- knowing gods. God, himself. For he is the only one who knows everything. So we should use our critical thinking in our every day lives, but mainly just always come back to the truth. God. Some Christians talk a lot, yet don't "practice what they preach", others do it the other way around. We need to find the middle ground here. 

I've noticed in myself that whenever I go through a time in which I don't really read the Bible, or don't really focus on God that much, it changes me. And not for the good. I get irritated more easily, I am way more emotional and fragile, I stress a lot and so on..The word of God truly has an affect on our lives and it does change us. The way we think, speak and act. True story. But oh when I do read the Bible, I feel quite good about myself and within myself. And I feel really wise too hahaha! It's great!

I am totally going off track. I've just been talking about reading the Bible, even though that was supposed to be just one in many things I was going to say here today. Let's just mind my humanity.
Anyway it's very important to read the Bible. Yes. But if you struggle with that, it's not the end of the world and God won't ignore you, or not reach out to you. He loves you so much. He sees past that and he knows your heart. He knows you'd like to read the Bible, he sees the struggle, yet still wants to be there for you. He's like a friend you might sometimes have a hard time listening to for different reasons, like your own thoughts and feelings, how your day has been and all, but every time you listen to Him he's super wise and knows exactly what you need to hear. And he's always there, ready to listen, or just to be there. Sit next to you. Everything. He surely is the best of friends. I can't believe a King would want to be my best friend. And seriously wants to just hang out with me. Incredible. I love it!!!

So about that prioritizing...You're God's number 1. 
Is he yours?
Just to be honest, some days He really isn't my number one. I might be too busy, or distracted, or on my phone too much, sleeping too much or editing pictures too much, focusing on my favorite hobbies too much,  or seeing too many people, or playing video games too much, or stressing too much about school.. just basically doing things/thinking about stuff that will keep my mind down to earth. It's stupid.
But oh friends! My lovelies! The days you make God your number 1, oh those days are the best of the best!! Full of so much joy, good moments and connecting with your Father. (lots more too!) It's perfect!!
And we come back to God letting us make our own decisions. We can chose to prioritize our life with God at the top of our list, or we can just keep some earthly things as the most important things in our life and stick with that. "yolo", right? (smell the sarcasm again) 
I definitely have a lot of things jumping back and forth from number 1 to number 2 when it comes to my priorities. One of my biggest prayers is for me to be able to keep God as my number 1 each and every day. I fail a lot, but I know God sees my heart and my thoughts. That always encourages me to keep on going. He just loves us so. I am no perfect Christian. There is no such thing. I just know what type of Christian I want to be and what it takes to become a person like that. That doesn't mean I am that person. "Pursue to be like" is not the same thing as "being". Never forget that. 
I just really want to be (pursue to be) the type of person Jesus was. Is. Best role model ever!!

It's really good to try to be humble and realize things, such like your priorities and if they are God-. orientated. If not, you know what to do, or what to try to do. Still want to repeat what I keep on saying, God sees you, your heart, your thoughts, your actions, the moments you're alone, at your weakest, at your strongest, He sees your dreams, your fears, your wishes...24/7 X- ray going on buddy!

---taking a pause to eat and go to the bathroom---

Now, to the importance of having a church to go to, serving in one and having Christian friends to interact with.
First of all, It's super important as a Christian to go to church. Weather it's the church building we're talking about, or the "get- togethers" you have with fellow Christians. To serve one and other, learn from one and other, to lift others up when they are feeling weak, but also to have people lifting you up when you're feeling at your lowest. To share memories and experiences together, get to know each other better, focusing on others more than focusing on yourself and the things/people you're comfortable with, praying together, worshiping together, dancing and singing together, laughing and crying together, changing the world together, lighting the lamps of others, encouraging others, finding time for them, for people you love, people you like, people you don't feel like hanging out with, people you're not interested in at all, everyone. It is so extremely important to interact with other Christians, many different kinds of people. And it's also very important to find a way to serve in your Church. We have so many gifts God has given us. Each one of us has potential for something to do to serve. For someone it might be making others feel welcome. For another, baking/cooking good things to eat for the other people you go to church with is their way of serving, someone might feel more comfortable doing computer/video/lighting etc, someone might want to teach and share important things about God, someone feels God wants to use their gift for worship. There is so much. So many things you can do to serve others and serve your church.

One thing, many Christians tend to forget is that there is also church outside of church. If you know what I mean. There are people out there to spend time with, new people and old friends to interact with, chances to serve others daily, chances to focus on others more than on yourself and your needs. Chances to just get to know each other and the world around you even better. Please, I want to encourage you to find time for people. People in your church, one-on-ones, but also hanging out with different groups and formations of people. I don't really know how to go on from here, so I'll just share my own experience.

A few years ago I was a Christian, going to church now and then, spending a lot of time at home, hanging out with only a specific group of people, not really even interested or aware of the "bigger picture" I was about to realize a few years later. I read the bible, listened to worship music, grew in my faith, had fun and all, but when I look back to all of that today and see the life I'm living right now, I'm truly happy that I've realized the bigger picture.

I gave God a bigger chance to use me and change me. I gave him many more of my scars and problems, I allowed him to change me in different areas, I found self- discipline for things I never thought I'd be able to do and that was the beginning of another chapter in the book of Katarina. With God all things are possible. Truly. 

Anyway I started off by focusing on many more people than I had focused on before. Less me, more them. And with just that I learned a lot about myself, but oh so much about so many different people. And God of course. Always learning, always learning ("just keep swimming, just keep swimming").
Then I decided that I really should go to church as much as possible, even on the days I could find excuses not to go. And I did exactly that. And oh how lovely that has been! God has blessed that decision a lot! I have received so much.

 Sometimes I go to church feeling super tired, but coming home with tons of energy and the right attitude. Other times I go to church feeling super pumped up and I come home with a smile that's not easily wiped off my face, Sometimes I might go to church feeling sad and come home feeling comforted. Sometimes I go to church feeling normal and I come home feeling normal, but still thankful and happy, because I have Jesus and so many amazing friends in my life. God can do and speak anything in any situation/feeling I am in. 

Then, came the point when I decided/ realized that I could actually use my gifts and potential to do different things in my church. So I talked with our youth pastor about joining the hosting- team. And that's exactly what happened. AND OH MY GOODNESS GOD HAS SHOWERED ME WITH SO MANY INCREDIBLE THINGS through that !!!!! Hopefully this encourages some of you!.
After hosting for a few months, I realized I could do more. So I joined the welcome- team at our church. Then came the Steissi Youth- team, then the Social Media- team and a few weeks ago I joined the prayer team. God has just stretched the way I think and schedule my life. He has made me more open and thirsty for new challenges. He hasn't forced me to do anything. I started off with baby steps. And now I gladly take leaps here and there. I really want to encourage you to find something to be a part of at your church. But only, if you feel comfortable with that. I did, so I went for it. I have met so many new people, had so many interesting interactions with some of them, gotten to know my already existing friends even better, learned new things about myself (yet again) and about God (haha, yet again!) and all of this has changed me and molded me to become the person I am today. And the coolest part is, God is still molding me and I am excited like almost every day now about everything! The little lonely girl back at age 9 would never have seen this coming. So please, always believe everything and anything is possible for God. Because it is. You have no idea how God can truly change you as a person, how he really does guide you along the way and how he knows exactly what fits you perfectly. His plan is the perfect plan for you. And you will be stepping into the right shoes one after another when you choose to follow Him and His word. 

I guess I'm writing a book right now or something. I can't seem to stop! Well it has been a while since I last wrote a novel like this:D I just really want to encourage you to read the Bible. But do not feel like God isn't happy with you if you don't do that. He isn't a hater. He wants to "block out the haters" ("I'm juuuust blocking out the haters"- I can just hear my sister Nelli say that in her funny voice). His love goes beyond all. Of course always remember to try to read. Because it is the word of God you know and it is super super important. Believe me. Also, I want to encourage you to get to know the people at your church, hang out with them inside and outside the building, in any mood you're in. God uses people in each others lives. Join a team if you feel comfortable with that and allow God to use you through your gifts, through your personality and potential. There are so many things we can all do for the greater good. We do need to make sacrifices as well. I often sacrifice my sleep. Many of my friends do hahaha (you know who all I'm talking about friends<333 äksdee veekolmekolme) And by making that sacrifice I've had the best evenings and nights and mornings with awesome people! Much to be thankful for. The sacrifices are always worth it. Oh and stop stressing about stuff! If you do that, it seems like you don't trust God enough. 

Right now I really want to have God in every area of my life. I really do. I just talked with my friend Rob yesterday and we both would really love to just stop with all the earthly stuff and just pray, worship, do you know all the Christian stuff and basically just have God- time all the time. Whoopdedoop! But it is possible. We just do our best in bringing God into everything we do on this earth. For sure that will be blessed in more ways than one. 

My fingers are kind of hurting already, so I better stop. I hope this really was worth all the writing. But it was all from my heart and I believe, from God as well. (yet use your critical thinking and don't take everything for for the truth in all you do. Truth, as in Jesus.)

Have a lovely day!!! God bless you tons!! <3 

 (Don't forget, that this is my blog, with my own personal opinions, thoughts and experiences, so don't take everything for granted and don't judge me either. My goal isn't to let people down, or make them think that their own opinions and thoughts and everything are wrong and that I'm right about everything. I really want this blog and everything I post to be encouraging and hopefully give answers to questions someone out there might have. I know God wants me to keep writing this blog. He's made that very clear these past few weeks, so I'll just keep doing what I do best over here and He'll do the rest. Done deal.)


tiistai 5. toukokuuta 2015



For those of you that think gospel music has gone to far
You think we got too radical with our message
Well, I got news for you, you ain't heard nothin' yet
And if you don't know, now you know, glory, glory

Lately, I've been going through some things that really got me down
I need someone, somebody to help me, come and turn my life around
I can't explain, I can't obtain it, Jesus your love is so, it's so amazing
It gets me high up to the sky and when I think about Your goodness

It makes me wanna stomp, makes me clap my hands
Makes me wanna dance and stomp

My brother can't you see I got the victory? Stomp!

Lately, I've been going through some things that really got me down
I need someone, somebody to help me, come and turn my life around
I can't explain, I can't obtain it, Jesus your love is so, it's so amazing
It gets me high up to the sky and when I think about Your goodness

It makes me wanna stomp, makes me clap my hands
Makes me wanna dance and stomp

My brother can't you see I got the victory? Stomp!

When I think about the goodness and fullness of God
Makes me thankful, pity the hateful, I'm grateful
The Lord brought me through this far
Trying to be cute when I praise him raise Him high

I keep the live beat bumping

Keep it jumping make the Lord feel something
Ain't no shame in my game, God's property
Kickin' it wit Kirk ain't no stoppin' me, uh stomp

GP are you wit me?

Oh yeah, we having church, we ain't going nowhere
Oh yeah, we having church, we ain't going nowhere
Oh yeah, we having church, we ain't going nowhere
Oh yeah, we having church, we ain't going nowhere

Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp
I promise the stomp, the whole stomp, nothin' but the stomp

It ain't over, it ain't over

Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp
I promise the stomp, the whole stomp, nothin' but the stomp

Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp
I promise the stomp, the whole stomp, nothin' but the stomp

Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp
I promise the stomp, the whole stomp, nothin' but the stomp

I've been listening to this song like non- stop ever since I got my drivers license a few weeks ago. It just makes the fire inside of me blaze even stronger! Hahah I have no idea what Ida and Leo thought of me today when they were in the car as I was driving and listening to this song on high volume. I love the heart in this song and everything that's said in it. It makes me feel happy and I'm all smiles when I listen to it. So you should do the same and I hope the affect is similar!

I just had to had to share this! Please listen to it, even if you don't feel like it or think it won't be interesting or good. You might change your mind;D It's an old song from Kirk Franklin, but it still STOMPS in the present!

Good night! God is oh, so good.