tiistai 18. elokuuta 2015

August started. Back to boring life? Surely not!

I just recently had a conversation with my little sister and she was telling me how she really wants to fight back to the thought that life is full of negativity now that school starts again. Now that "normal life" starts again. She said wisely that we really should keep things positive and optimistic. I definitely agree. Which brings me back to one of the messages at Teenstreet this year! (Yes I was there again. And yes I still need to tell you all about it.)
We often start our days by the way we feel...we really shouldn't. Sometimes we wake up to feeling really negative and tired and it really gives the enemy a bigger chance to "bully" us. We are more open to receiving the lies he throws at us and it just ruins our whole day when we start believing that we are ugly and and can't accomplish anything and that we are stressing for a reason and that we should feel anxious about life and so on... and that escalates to us being annoying or annoyed, frustrated, irritated, with no motivation and so many other negative feelings and other stupid stuff to follow that. We really REALLY need to start our days with the truth, and by truth I mean what God says about us each day and what the Bible says about our lives and how it really is in God's hands and how many amazing promises God has for our lives that he really sticks to and beautiful encouragements and Psalms and Proverbs he has for us and so many super cool things we can grab hold of and keep with us throughout the day and every situation we end up in. When we start our days with the truth, the next step is to believe that truth and really let it sink in, sink into our identity, thoughts and speech. After that it really is easier to just start to act on it. To spread the truth around us. Love others, love yourself, serve others, let them serve you, help others, accept help offered to you, pray for others, let them pray for you. Constant interaction and cycles when it comes to acting on what you know is the truth. And the last one is to feel. I wonder what you'll feel like after taking in the truth, believing it and acting on it. I'd say pretty good!!! More than that, like really super duper good! So remember this order from now on:

3. ACT

This is so important. Just try it and share the results with someone,... maybe get them a little motivated to try and do the same. You never know what kind of chain reaction could follow this type of lifestyle. Just start tomorrow morning by telling yourself that you are loved, you are unique, created in the image of our beautiful God, someone died for you because they loved/ love you, God will make your paths straight as long as you trust in him and don't lean only on your own understanding, this world needs the real you. Not the you that is trying to be like every other truly unique person around you. Open your ears to hear what the Spirit is saying. Open your eyes to see what the Spirit is seeing. Open your heart to feel what the Spirit is feeling. We aren't perfect, we can't do this perfectly, we will fail, we are only human. But it doesn't mean you shouldn't keep trying. The more you do something, the more it becomes a deeper part of your identity. Like your hobby for instance. ( I just talked about this with my friend Leo today) When you've played basketball all your life, it really becomes part of your identity. You think about it often, you play it often, you search for more information about it often, you see yourself as a basketball-er. When you've danced all your life, you do it all the time. Like for me, I dance when I try on clothes while shopping, I dance to good music, I think about dancing, I sometimes worship through dance. It really is a big piece of who I am. The more I do it, the more it becomes a big part of me. The more we serve others, the more it becomes a characteristic of ours, the more we show we care about others, the more we actually start caring about others and the more it becomes part of us. You probably already got my point! Moving on...

I'm so happy the youth services at church are starting again!! Urban Light this Thursday at 19 (be there!) and Steissi on Friday at 19 as well (13-16+ be there!)
I'll be hosting the startup day for our church this year with our youth pastor on the 29th of this month (so cool!!) 
And next month on the 26th I'll be hosting this christian music event with my friend Frans in Kuopio (first time I'm ever hosting something like that, so I'm super excited!) 
And I really feel like God is just opening doors for me and I get to really sink into this adventure he has to offer for me. Guess what people! He has an adventure for each and every one of us!! 

"This life, this love, was always meant to be a wild crazy adventure, discovering the thrill, the rush, the more of You I see, the more it keeps me wanting....You're everything...." -Chasing You (Jenn Johnson, Bethel)

....something like that.

I need a job. A cleaning job. Why? I need money. And a cleaning job would have the perfect times to work. I would get to work, go to church, be a part of the teams I'm in, work while everyone is at school, be free when everyone is out of school, I'd just have to sacrifice the "staying up late" nights during the week. I'd get weekends off as well so it would be perfect! Oh and I could also keep teaching dance at the side of that. I trust God will make a way. I just need to keep putting a personal effort in this as well. And why do I need money? To save. And for what? For my DTS (discipleship training school) in South Africa for 6 months, starting this upcoming January. Yes, I'll be telling you more about that later. It gets a whole post for itself. But if you'd like to support me financially or through prayer or in any way you feel, contact me at kata.lahtela@hotmail.com or Facebook, if you're involved with me over there.

This was kind of an update of what's going on in my life right now and in the near future. 

p.s. I think my heart is expanding for different reasons.

Have a beautiful rest of the week! <3


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